Asylum Avenue Baptist Church

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868 Asylum Avenue: built 1871-1872, architect George Keller, based on design of Holy Trinity Church [New York City] by Jacob Wrey Mould; expanded 1896, Melvin Hapgood, architect; destroyed by fire, 1931; rebuilt 1931, architect Ebbets & Frid, builder R. G. Bent Company.


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Questions about Asylum Avenue Baptist Church

The earliest indication that someone had decided to establish a Baptist church on Asylum Hill comes from an April 1870 article in the Courant, which reported that there had been a strong sale of pews at the Fourth Baptist Church despite the decision of a number of members to move to a church in the western part of Hartford, which more than likely referred to Asylum Hill.

Maybe, but mostly yes: Keller used the designs prepared by Jacob Wrey Mould for the Holy Trinity Church in New York City, but it’s not altogether clear what Mould provided and how much Keller then modified those drawings. Contemporary articles in the Courant credit both Keller as architect and Holy Trinity Church as model for Asylum Avenue Baptist Church.


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