Work on the Asylum Hill Congregational Church Parsonage

05/09/1932 |


The church applied for a building permit for work on the parsonage at 852 Asylum Avenue.

  1. W. A. Haviland made the application on behalf of the church.
  2. The proposed work included
    • re-roofing the garage with asbestos shingles
    • repointing the chimney on the house
    • repairing the gutter and slates on the roof of the house.
  3. Haviland valued the work at $100.

  1. The church bought 852 Asylum Avenue as its parsonage on December 29, 1913.
  2. Willis Butler, who lived in the parsonage, died on October 22, 1930.

  1. The church bought a house to serve as a new parsonage on June 26, 1932.
  2. David McKeith, Butler’s successor, preached his first sermon at the church on September 11, 1932.
  3. The church sold 852 Asylum Avenue in May 1934.

City of Hartford Application and Permit No. 255-H, May 9, 1932

George Bolles House
Asylum Hill Congregational Church


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