Asylum Hill Congregational Church Parsonage Becomes a Medical Office

05/13/1934 |


The Courant reported that the church had sold its former parsonage at 852 Asylum Avenue to Charles Levin.

  1. Building was in excellent structural condition
  2. Levin, a medical doctor, planned to convert the first and second floors to doctors’ office and the third to a private residence.
    • First floor: reception, waiting room, library, consultation rooms, examining and treatment room
    • Second floor: similar to first floor but with doctors’ offices
    • Third floor: living room, three bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom, and storage
  3. Work would primarily involve modernization:
    • New hot water
    • Forced circulation heating with oil burner and automatic control
    • New plumbing
    • New electrical
    • New fixtures
  4. Herbert Gibson prepared the plans for the alterations.

This article appears online dated digitally as May 13, 1934 and May 13, 1935, but a quick look at the masthead for each of these articles shows that the article is from 1934 in both cases.

  1. The church applied for a permit to work on 852 Asylum Avenue on May 9, 1932.
  2. The church bought 258 Kenyon Street to serve as its parsonage on June 26, 1932.


“There are ample parking facilities near the property.  Mr. Gibson said last week that in his opinion this is one of the chief reasons for the gradual concentration of the medical offices in the asylum Hill section of the city.”

The picture from the Courant shows a second-story front porch that’s no longer there, but this feature helps to explain the rather tall window that remains – it was probably a door to the porch.

Unattributed, “Doctor Buys Property on Asylum Hill,” Hartford Courant, May 13, 1934, page B3.

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Asylum Hill Congregational Church


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