New Parsonage for Asylum Hill Congregational Church

06/26/1932 |


The Courant reported that the church had purchased 258 Kenyon Street from Ralph Ives for use as its new parsonage.

Neat little tidbit

David McKeith was scheduled to arrive in Hartford in August, and he would take up residence here at that time.

Questions to pose

Why 258 Kenyon Street?  It has roughly 300 square feet more finished space than 852-854 Asylum Avenue, so it’s not that much of an upgrade.  The location?  Maybe, especially as Asylum Hill had begun to change with more apartment buildings, corporations, and medical offices.  But why the West End?  While there are some who hold that the West End is Hartford’s best neighborhood, it was rather far away from the church – and for a church that would start to re-affirm its commitment to Asylum Hill on multiple occasions over the upcoming decades, it does seem odd that they would not ask the pastor to continue to live in the neighborhood with them.


Unattributed, “New Parsonage of Asylum Hill Church,” Hartford Courant, June 26, 1932, page B2.

Asylum Hill Congregational Church


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