Boar's Head and Yule Log Festival held

01/04/1981 |


Annual Boar’s Head Yule Log Festival celebrated by the Asylum Hill Oratorio Choir and Cast, which was under the direction of Richard C. Einsel.  The animals were provided by Charlotte Bacon and Bob Commerford, and Commerford was responsible for Arthur the Camel.

Neat Little Tidbit

Commerford refers to Arthur having been at the White House several weeks before the Boar’s Head.  This would have been at the Carter White House, as Reagan was just over 2 weeks away from his inauguration.

Put into Context

This may have been the final performance for Arthur the Camel at the Boar’s Head.  He died in 1982, and it isn’t clear if he performed at the 1982 Boar’s Head.

Bob Commerford – aka Robert W. Commerford – continues to operate the Commerford Zoon in Goshen.

Question to Pose

When did animals first become a part of the Boar’s Head Festival?  The reporter here really lingered on the animals, which makes it seem like they were a relatively new part of the festival.  Of course, geese squabbling in a church is a noteworthy event under most circumstances.


Sevick, Stephanie, “Animals, congregation join in for Boar's Head Yule Celebration,” Hartford Courant, January 5, 1981, page A5.

Asylum Hill Congregational Church


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