Henry Green Applied for a Patent on incandescent lamps

04/16/1895 |


Henry Green applied for a patent on improvements to incandescent lamps, and he assigned this patent to the Aetna Electric Company.

Neat little tidbit

Green received this patent, No. 553,673, on January 28, 1896.

Trust but verify

This is the latest patent relating to incandescent lamps that I have found, although he would patent one more innovation involving light bulbs in February 1896.  It seems a stretch to say that Green had lost interest in incandescent lamps at this point, but the apparent lack of any further innovations in light bulbs seems telling, especially given that this was the sixth patent related to incandescent lamps that he’d applied for since August 1891.

Put into context

Whether he was losing interest in incandescent lamp or not, he was now less than one year away from beginning his research into x-rays.

Questions to pose

What was the status of the Green Electric Lamp Company or the Aetna Electric Company at this point in time?  The Courant was remarkably silent on events surrounding either company, which likely means it was neither terribly successful nor went bust.


United States Patent Office, "Incandescent Lamp," Patent No. 553,673, January 28, 1896.

Henry Green


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