Henry Green Applied for a Patent on incandescent lamps

01/25/1895 |


Henry Green filed an application for a patent on improvements to the incandescent lamp.  He assigned this patent to the Aetna Electric Company.

Neat little tidbit

Green received this patent, No. 547,249, was issued on October 1, 1895.

Put into context

This patent is the earliest direct connection between Henry Green and the Aetna Electric Company that I’ve found (and, as you probably guessed, searching for anything named Aetna in Hartford that isn’t an insurance company can be challenging).  This connection is significant because his future business partner John Bauer was already working at Aetna Electric Company at this point.  This patent establishes the latest date I have that Green and Bauer would have known each other.


United States Patent Office, "Incandescent Lamp," Patent No. 547,249, October 1, 1895.

Henry Green


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