Asylum Hill Congregational Church applies for a building permit for its expansion project

06/11/1939 |


The Courant reported that the church had applied for a building permit for the construction of its new chapel and additions to the parish house and for alterations to the existing parish house. The Courant put the costs of the project at $70,000 for new construction and $27,000 for the alterations.  The contractor was A. F. Peaslee, Inc.

Neat Little Tidbit

The renderings that accompany this permit application show that this project included the closure of the Huntington Street entrance to the existing chapel and the conversion of the chapel to an entertainment wing.

Questions to pose

So what was the extra $28,000 for?  The total amount of the work was $97,000, while the fundraising campaign for this work sought $125,000.  By this date, the church had already acknowledged that it had raised $100,000.


Unattributed, “Asylum Hill Church Asks Building Permit,” Hartford Courant, June 11, 1939, page A6.

Asylum Hill Congregational Church


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