Annual Meeting of the Asylum Hill Congregational Society

03/06/1914 |


The Asylum Hill Congregational Society held its annual meeting at the Parish House.  On the agenda:  reports from the last year, election of officers, and the election of a new member to the Committee of Five.

Neat Little Tidbit

The treasurer, H. S. Conklin, reported that the Society had spent $17,600 during the previous year.  That’s $458,434 in 2021.

Put into context

The Committee of Five reported on the purchase of two properties:  George Bolles’s house and the Cummings property.  The Bolles house would become the parsonage, and the committee’s chair, Lewis Gordon, reported that the remodeling of the house was planned to be completed in order that the new pastor, John Voorhees, and his family could move in by September 1.  Voorhees had been calledL2 by the Society in July 1912, but he wasn’t formally installed as pastorL3 until January 1913.

The Cummings property was directly north of the church on Huntington Street.  Prior to this purchase, the church’s property did not go very far beyond the chapel, so the Cumming property would include the first addition to the parish house.  There had been a house there, but it’s unclear whether the church demolished the house or bought the property subsequent to the demolition.  The Society planned to install tennis courts for the youth of the church.


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Asylum Hill Congregational Church
George Bolles House


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