Work on the parsonage for Asylum Hill Congregational Church

05/28/1914 |


Robert Porteus filed an application for a building permit for work on the new parsonage at 852-854 Asylum Avenue.

  1. The proposed work included unspecified interior alterations and the construction of a veranda on the front of the house.
  2. Porteus indicated he was the builder on the application.
  3. The architect was listed as “Hapgood.”
  4. The estimated the cost of the work was $800.
  5. The permit was approved the same day.

Asylum Hill Congregational Church bought 852 Asylum Avenue on December 29, 1913.

Someone who handled this document, probably working for the city, added that the building was a “rectory.”

  1. Robert Porteus lived at 13 Forest Street in Hartford.
  2. The architect for this work was probably Edward T. Hapgood, who had previously designed the parish house.

City of Hartford Application and Permit No. 426, “Interior Alterations (Frame),” May 28, 1914.

George Bolles House
Asylum Hill Congregational Church


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