Green & Bauer Defeats Motion for Injunction in Queen & Co. v. Roentgen Manufacturing Company

06/02/1908 |


George W. Ward of Ward & Joy argued in US Circuit Court for the District of Pennsylvania on behalf of Green & Bauer against a motion for an injunction that would have prevented Green & Bauer from selling their x-ray tubes in Philadelphia. The judge denied the motion.

Neat little tidbit

The motion was part of Queen & Co. v. Roentgen Manufacturing Company.  Henry Green would later claim he received exclusive rights to manufacture x-ray tubes as improved by Henry Lyman Sayen that had been granted to him by Queen & Co.

Trust but verify

Somebody wanted to stop Green & Bauer from selling x-ray tubes in Philadelphia, but I have no idea which party filed for the injunction.  Given that Green would be doing business with Queen & Co. in less than three years (if he wasn’t already), it would make sense that Roentgen Manufacturing Company had filed for the injunction.

Speculating without facts

According to the article, "the tubes made by Green & Bauer are highly regarded by the medical profession." The article also stated that Green & Bauer were the first to display x-ray tubes in Hartford.  This begins to sort out what Green & Bauer actually did.  First, if they did make more than one x-ray machine, it appears they quickly dropped that to concentrate of x-ray tubes.  Second, this article reported that Green & Bauer had been first to display x-ray tubes – not the first to produce an x-ray photograph.  This article leads to the conclusion that Green & Bauer manufactured x-ray tubes and little else, which really makes sense when you consider Green was an electrician and Bauer was a glassblower.


Unattributed, “Green & Bauer not enjoined,” Hartford Courant, June 5, 1908, page 3.

Henry Green


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