Fundraiser for Atlanta University

06/27/1897 |


A large audience gathered to listen to addresses and singing by students of Atlanta University.  The students, at least one of whom as an alumnus, were raising funds in support of the trades department at the university.

Neat Little Tidbit

Joseph Twichell was absent, so George Stone of the Asylum Avenue Baptist Church presided at the service.

Put in to context

Atlanta University is an HBCU founded in 1865.  It is now Clark Atlanta University.  The first president of the university was Edmund Asa Ware, who had married Sarah Twichell, Joseph’s sister, in 1869 and who died in 1885.  Their son Edward Twichell Ware would be ordained at Asylum Hill Congregational Church in 1901 before going to work at Atlanta University, and he would become the third president of Atlanta University in 1907.

Question to pose

Where was Twichell?  It was summer, so likely he was out of town, possibly in Upstate New York.  It does seem odd, though, that he wouldn’t be around for a fundraiser for the university at which his brother-in-law served as president.

Speculating without facts

Not speculating so much as noticing that three days earlier Julia Turner had ordered the clock for the church steeple, and the Courant was always quick to point out how much money people donated to the church.  The Courant reported that a collection for the university was taken up during the service, but it didn’t report on how much was given.


Unattributed, “Services by Colored Men,” Hartford Courant, June 28, 1897, page 6.

Asylum Hill Congregational Church


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