Joseph Twichell’s Nephew Ordained

09/20/1901 |


Edward Twichell Ware, Joseph Twichell’s nephew, was ordained a minister at Asylum Hill Congregational Church. Edward then headed off to be pastor at Atlanta University.

Neat little tidbit

Ware was following in the footsteps of his father, Edmund Asa Ware, as he headed off to be minister at Atlanta University, a historically black university now known as Clark Atlanta University.  Edmund had been very involved in the early days of the university, and Edward was born in Atlanta.

In 1907, Edward became the third president of Atlanta University, and he served in that role until 1922.

Trust but verify

The Courant article described Edmund as the founder and first president of Atlanta University, and he was in fact the first president, serving from 1869 through 1885.  But founder?  Different sources say different things, but Edmund may have gotten this credit for being the first president.

Put into context

The Courant article noted that Edward had been “a member of Rev. J. H. Twichell’s family from boyhood,” likely meaning that he had come to live with his uncle after his father died in 1885.  Edward would graduate from Hartford Public High School, Yale University, and Union Theological Seminary before being ordained.


Unattributed, “Edward Twichell Ware,” Hartford Courant, September 21, 1901, page 8.

Asylum Hill Congregational Church


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