From Sunday School students to members of Asylum Hill Congregational Church

06/11/1865 |


A communion service was held in the chapel. Twelve members of the Sunday school became members of the church.

Trust but verify

Atwood Collins said that this was the first communion service, and he seemed to claim that this was the first service in the chapel, although with something of an asterisk.  The chapel was dedicated back in March, and Collins had the record of that.  He then goes on to say “[w]e have a record of the first communion services held in the chapel … Church services were held in the chapel continuously thereafter until the completion of the church building.”  The implication is that the chapel was unused between March 23 and June 11, 1865.

Questions to pose

Is there a record of any Sunday services in the Courant between these dates?  If there were services, they would have been part of the Courant’s weekly column on the churches and the Sunday schedule of services.

Speculating without evidence

It seems likely that this service represented the culmination of the members’ efforts to form a new church in a way that even the construction of the church building did not.  The whole effort began with the Sunday school, and to now have the opportunity to receive new members from the Sunday school in the chapel must have been a powerful moment for the members.


Unattributed, “Rev. Dr. Joseph H. Twichell Honored at Anniversary of His Church,” Hartford Courant, March 24, 1915, page 16.

Asylum Hill Congregational Church


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