Joseph Twichell accepts Asylum Hill Congregational Church's call to service

08/08/1865 |


Joseph Twichell addressed a letter to Francis Gillette, accepting the church’s call to serve as their pastor.

Trust but verify

Gillette was not an original appointee to the search committee, but Twichell addressed him as the chair of the committee.  It isn’t clear when Gillette joined the committee and when, then, the committee made him chair.

Put into context

Interestingly, I’ve thus far found nothing contemporary about the church’s search for a pastor or that it issued the call to serve to Twichell, despite the search committee being in operation since November 1864.

Question to pose

Twichell addressed the letter from Hartford, meaning he was already in town.  He was a frequent visitor to Hartford, so that isn’t necessarily a surprise, but it does raise questions as to what took them so long to invite him to serve as their pastor.  Or was it that Twichell took a long time to reply?


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