Joseph Twichell Installed as Pastor at Asylum Hill Congregational Church

12/13/1865 |


Joseph Twichell was installed as pastor in the chapel.

Neat Little Tidbit

Scripture, read by L. L. Paine of Farmington, was 2nd Corinthians 4.  The sermon, given by E. C. Jones of Southington, was from Luke 24:49.

Put into context

Twichell’s installation followed an examination of his candidacy by a council consisting of at least nine pastors, five from Hartford and at least one from the churches in Farmington, Franklin, New Haven, and Southington, which was Twichell’s church. Additionally, Joel Hawes and Horace Bushnell also participated, bringing the total to 11.

In 1915, Atwood Collins quoted Horace Bushnell as saying during his charge to the people that the church was fortunate to have a pastor with whom they could grow up.

Questions to pose

Calvin Stowe was not a part of the installation, nor was he apparently part of Twichell’s examination.  So where was he today?


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Joseph Twichell
Asylum Hill Congregational Church


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