The chapel at Asylum Hill Congregational Church completed

03/04/1865 |


The Courant reported that the chapel had been completed and that on March 11 the chapel would be rented for one year.

Neat little tidbit

The article also listed that the sale of slips in the Pearl Street Church was scheduled to take place on March 6 – the Pearl Street Church is part of the future Immanuel Congregational Church at Woodland and Farmington.

Trust but verify

The builders were Brown & Valentine, which we know from the February 1875 article on the construction of the steeple.L1  I have yet to find a contemporary article listing them as the builders for this original phase of construction.

Put into context

Typically, the seats are sold, but here they were being leased, and only for a year at that.  This action seems to anticipate the completion of the church within that year, or very close to it.  They weren’t off by much:  the church was dedicated in June 1866.

Questions to pose

The entrance to the chapel was off of Huntington Street.  When was Huntington Street opened?

When exactly did they break ground on the chapel?  And how did its construction relate to the construction of the church?


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