Asylum Hill Congregational Church Moving Forward

06/17/1864 |


The Courant reported that the project to build the new church would go forward. As of this date, almost $50,000 had been pledged to the project.

Neat Little Tidbit

It had taken the church about 4 months to get to this point, and the $50,000 represented between 35-40% of the total cost of the project to build the new church.

Trust but verify

Up until this point, there’s been no real description of raising funds for the project.  This seems unusual because the Courant typically reported on fundraising efforts, right down to the amount of money raised from selling seats at the church.

Put into context

$50,000 covered the cost of the land ($10,000) and the construction the chapel ($14,000), and that left $16,000 to put toward the construction of the church.  Just over $90,000 remained to be raised in order to complete the project.  That would be $1,530,882.80 today.

Questions to pose

Who provided the funds to this point, and how were the funds being raised?

Speculating without facts

This article reported on the pivotal moment in the church’s development – at least in my opinion.  Following on this announcement, the church would in fairly rapid succession form a building committee, select and purchase the site for the church,L4 hire the architect,L5 and petition the municipal governmentL6 for permission to build the church.  It’s likely they broke ground for the chapel (and maybe the church, too, but the chapel would be finished first) in October, or 8 months from deciding to do it to actually doing it.


Unattributed, “City Intelligence – Sundry Matters,” Hartford Daily Courant, June 17, 1864, page 2.

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