Bernard Drew Installed as Pastor at Asylum Hill Congregational Church

09/28/1949 |


Bernard T. Drew was installed as the fifth minister of Asylum Hill Congregational Church at a ceremony held tonight. 

  1. The church council had unanimously accepted Drew during the afternoon
  2. The installation ceremony
    • The call to worship was given by Joseph Hooker Twichell.
    • L. Theron French gave the statement of the church council.
    • Ralph Sockman gave the installation sermon
    • Ernest Miller read the scripture lesson.
    • Russell Henry Stafford gave the prayer of installation.
    • French read the installation service.
    • James English extended the right hand of fellowship to Drew
    • Also speaking were David McKeith, Jr. and Benjamin Schwab.

Drew gave his first sermon at the church on May 1, 1949.

Drew would give a sermon on the radio on January 17, 1954.

“The church was formed in 1846.”

  1. Joseph Hooker Twichell was currently at the Loomis School, Windsor, CT.
  2. Theron French was the minister at Windsor Avenue Congregational Church and also served as moderator for Drew’s installation ceremony.
  3. Ralph Sockman was the minister at Christ Church, Methodist in New York City and apparently a frequent guest speaker at Asylum Hill Congregational Church.
  4. Ernest Miller was the minister at Groveland Congregational Church, Groveland, MA and was a friend of Drew’s.
  5. Russell Henry Stafford was president of the Hartford Seminary Foundation.
  6. James English was the general superintendent of the Connecticut Conference of Congregational Christian Churches
  7. David McKeith Jr. was Drew’s predecessor at Asylum Hill Congregational Church.
  8. Benjamin Schwab of New Hampton, IA was Drew’s father-in-law.

Unattributed, “Rev. Mr. Drew Installed by Hill Church,” September 29, 1949, page 19.

Bernard Drew
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