Memorial Window for John Voorhees

06/10/1919 |


The Courant announced the intention of the members of the church to raise funds for a memorial window in honor of John Voorhees.

Neat little tidbit

The committee overseeing this effort urged that multiple small contributions be made rather than several large ones, which is not a request I’ve seen previously.  Earlier fundraising efforts typically involved construction and always involved some very large donations, and no one was reported to have restricted donations to small ones.

Trust but verify

This decision appears to be one of the earliest made to install a memorial window at the church, but given that it was six years since the church agreed that it would install memorial windows, it’s very likely I’ve missed even earlier memorial windows.

Put into context

This report came five months after Voorhees’s death and three months after the church had bought a house for Juliana Voorhees.  The window would be installed in December.


Unattributed, “Memorial Window for Dr. Voorhees,” Hartford Courant, June 10, 1919, page 6.

John Voorhees
Asylum Hill Congregational Church


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