“Informed” agrees with the Courant: investigate John Voorhees’s death

01/14/1919 |


The Courant printed a letter to the editor today that agreed with their call yesterday for an investigation into John Voorhees’s death.  Signed “informed,” the letter purported to know that some friends of Voorhees were already undertaking an investigation on their own, but the writer agreed that a formal investigation should be mounted.

Neat little tidbit

Informed corrected the editorial:  Voorhees had been on board La France at dock in New York City for just over 18 hours, not for several days as the editorial had asserted.

Questions to pose

Who were the friends who had decided to investigate?  And did the investigation ever go anywhere?


Unattributed, “The Case of Dr. Voorhees,” Hartford Courant, January 14, 1919, page 2.

John Voorhees


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