Howard Arnold Walter died in Lahore

11/11/1918 |


Howard Arnold Walter died of heart failure in Lahore, his condition having been brought on by the Spanish influenza of 1918.  News of his death reached his parents via cablegram on November 12.

Neat Little Tidbit

According to this obituary, Walter was a local, born in New Britain and completing his studies at the Hartford Theological Seminary.  He studied missions in Japan while a student at the seminary, and he also worked for the Hartford YMCA.

Put into context

A tribute printed with the obituary noted that Joseph Twichell had held Walter in high regard, as “the aged Apostle Paul showed to the young man Timothy.”  There would be a memorial service for Walter on November 24,  and then there would be a minor effort to memorialize him at the Asylum Hill Congregational Society  – but after that, the only time he’d be mentioned again was during a sermon given on February 17, 1919.L3 


Unattributed, “Rev. H. A. Walter dies in India,” Hartford Courant, November 13, 1918.

Howard Arnold Walter


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