John Voorhees on the Western Front

06/05/1918 |


John Voorhees addressed a letter to Samuel Prentice, describing his circumstances in France as well as how he spent his time.

Neat Little Tidbit

Voorhees gave numerous details about his experiences in France to Prentice.  Most telling among them was that he had received a gas mask and training on how to use it.

Voorhees also listed several people from the Hartford area he had met there.  Among them was Ernest Miel of Trinity Episcopal Church.

While Voorhees could already describe a very busy routine for himself, he mentioned his first Sunday delivery of chocolate and cookies to the soldiers, and he added that he didn’t hold a service for the soldiers at that point – that could wait until the next Sunday.

Put into context

Voorhees would be wounded two weeks after writing this letter but five days before Prentice received it.


Unattributed, “Dr. Voorhees’ Life Will Be Saved,” Hartford Courant, June 25, 1918, page 5.

John Voorhees


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