Work on Parish House Ready to Start

05/22/1903 |


The Courant reported that all of the contracts for the construction of the new parish house had been signed. The general contract went to T. R. Fox & Son, and the contract for installing a central heating plan for the church, chapel, and parish house went to Libby & Blinn, who would work under the direction of the Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection Company.

Neat little tidbit

The two contracts reported here totaled $23,627, nicely under the $25,000 budget.  In 2021 dollars, this is $736,491.18.

Put into context

The oversight provided by Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection and Insurance Company came through the largess of Jeremiah M. Allen, longtime president of Hartford Steam Boiler and one of the founders of the church.  The project supervision was provided by F. S. Allen, so far unidentified but possibly related to Allen.  Allen would not live to see the end of the project, as he died in December 1903.


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Asylum Hill Congregational Church


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