A Meeting of the Asylum Hill Congregational Church

02/03/1898 |


The church’s annual history was read at a meeting held in the chapel. The report was read by L. F. Reid, the outgoing deacon, and he provided the following vital statistics on the church for 1897:

  • 787 members
  • 8 deaths
  • 11 removals to other churches

Miss Burnell gave the annual report on the Sunday school, and she reported that the school had 682 members, which was a gain of 19 over 1896.

Neat little tidbit

The number of members the church lost to death or other churches equaled the number of new students who began attending the Sunday school.

Trust but verify

The Courant article said that the devotional service that concluded the meeting was led by the pastor.  Of course that was Joseph Twichell – but why not say so?

Put into context

1897 was a big year for the church:  it received both the clock in the steeple and the baptismal font.  Not surprisingly, these donations were highlighted.

Speculating without facts

This was not the church’s annual meeting:  Charles Thompson, the treasurer, gave a condensed version of the annual report he had given at annual meeting.  I have found numerous references to the annual meeting, but I believe that this is the first reference I’ve found to a general meeting that may have served as a follow-up to the annual meeting.


Unattributed, “Asylum Hill Church: Annual History and Other Reports Read Last Night,” Hartford Courant, February 4, 1898, page 7.

Asylum Hill Congregational Church


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