Henry Green applied for a patent on an incandescent Lamp

10/16/1891 |


Henry Green filed an application for improvements on an incandescent lamp.

Neat little tidbit

Green received his patent, No. 495, 467, on April 11, 1893.

Trust but verify

This is the lamp that Green Electric Lamp Company manufactured – probably.  According to the application, the consumer "might use the same globe or bulb indefinitely by having the vacuum recreated as it becomes lost." This jibes with the device the Hartford Courant described as the object of the Green Electric Lamp Company. Also, like the application filed on August 22, 1891, Green assigned half of this patent to George S. Miller.


United States Patent Office, "Incandescent Lamp," Patent No. 495,467, April 11, 1893.

Henry Green


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