Asylum Hill Congregational Church closes for repairs

07/05/1890 |


The Courant published a notice that the Asylum Hill Congregational Church would be closed for repairs. This announcement marked the beginning of work on the interior decorations in the church. Services would be held in the chapel, and the Sunday school hymnals would be used for the Sunday services.

Neat little tidbit

July 5, 1890 was a Saturday, so the first service that would be affected by the repairs would be on the next day, July 6, 1890.

The chapel is now Drew Hall.  At this point in time, there would have been a door to the chapel off of Huntington Street.  This door was sealed off during the 1939-1940 addition.

Trust but verify

The Courant article on the Fiftieth Anniversary of the church recorded that the church closed from July through September for this work.  That fits with this article as well as the contemporary article that reported that the work was wrapping up.L2

Put into context

The repairs were interior renovations to the sanctuary.


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Asylum Hill Congregational Church


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