Calvin Stowe returns to the pulpit at Asylum Hill Congregational Church

09/03/1865 |


Calvin Stowe was scheduled to lead the Sunday service in the chapel at 10:45, and his weekly Bible lesson was scheduled to resume at 4:00 with a lesson on Second Psalms.

Neat Little Tidbit

Summer vacations were fairly common at this time, and churches would take advantage of the break to do repairs or renovations to their buildings while people, in particular the ministers, were away.  This same article reported that South Baptist Church and the Universalist Church were both reopening after being closed during August.  Interestingly, the Universalist Church was described as having undergone a “thorough cleansing.”

Put into context

The same article also reported that Joseph Twichell would be installed as pastor at Asylum Hill Congregational Church about November 1.  Of course, that didn’t happen, but nonetheless this is the earliest reference to Twichell I’ve so far found in the Courant.


Unattributed, “Religious Intelligence,” Hartford Daily Courant, September 2, 1865, page 2.

Calvin Stowe
Asylum Hill Congregational Church


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