Architect at work on designs for Asylum Hill Congregational Church

07/13/1864 |


The building and site committees reported back on their work. The building committee reported that plans for the church building were being prepared, while the site committee reported that they had purchased the land for the church for $10,000.

Neat little tidbit

The land would have cost $170,098.09 in 2021.

Trust but verify

The Courant article on the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Asylum Hill Congregational Church is the source for this date and the meeting held on it.  It fits with the overall timeline, with the purchase being reported as taking place on July 5, 1864, but so far I haven’t found any contemporary reference to the meeting.

Presumably the site committee’s report meant that they had hired Patrick Keely as architect, but like above, I haven’t found a contemporary reference to Keely being hired, only that he’d done the work.


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Asylum Hill Congregational Church


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