Construction Update on Asylum Hill Congregational Church

12/14/1865 |


The Courant reported that work on the church was nearly finished for the season.

Put into context

At this point, this is the only article I’ve found in between the August 1865 report that construction was going well and the June 1866 dedication of the church.  The Courant was typically very eager to report on building improvements in Hartford – even in the 19th century, Hartford was concerned about “growing the grand list” – and this tidbit on the church came in an article that described several other projects around town.  I’m sure the articles are there, somewhere, but for now they elude me.

Speculations without facts

This article reported on progress made constructing the “First Congregational Church” at the corner of Asylum and High Street.  This church would have been the former North Congregational and the soon-to-be Park Congregational Church.  The North Congregational Church was located on North Main Street, and this new structure moved the church almost to the base of Asylum Hill, one block east of Union Station.  It now seems less of a surprise that North Congregational was the only Congregational church to vote against the formation of Asylum Hill Congregational Church, as it seems likely that some members of North Congregational would have seen their new location as much more convenient to the residents of Asylum Hill than Center Church had proven to be.


Unattributed, “Building Improvements,” Hartford Daily Courant, December 14, 1865, page 2.

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