Construction continues at Asylum Hill Congregational Church

08/04/1865 |


The Courant reported that work on the church building was progressing quite rapidly.

Neat little tidbit

The Courant went from proclaiming that the Asylum Hill Congregational Church would be one of the finest churches in the state to calling it a fine addition to the Asylum Hill neighborhood.

Put into context

Meanwhile, the North Congregational Church continued to have problems with its construction schedule.  As previously noted, the ground was too soft, and they had to place 900 piles beneath the foundation in order to shore up the building.  This problem exists on the Hill, too:  Asylum Hill Congregational Church would discover springs when it excavated to build the parish house,L3 and the Cathedral of Saint Joseph has numerous piles beneath it.

Speculating without evidence

Again, it isn’t hard to imagine some resentment on the part of North Congregational that Asylum Hill Congregational was up on the hill, not facing setbacks at their site, and rushing ahead with construction.


Unattributed, “New Churches,” Hartford Daily Courant, August 4, 1865, page 2.


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