Site Selected for Asylum Hill Congregational Church

02/19/1864 |


At a meeting held at West Middle School, the committee on site recommended that a site on the north side of Asylum Avenue west of Sumner Street be purchased for the new church building, and the attendees accepted the recommendation. The attendees then empowered the committee to purchase the lot, and they formed a committee to solicit subscriptions pay for the land for to build the new church, to buy the lot for the church, and to build the church.

Neat Little Tidbit

The second committee formed to get the project underway consisted of Erastus Collins, Samuel Coit, and A. M. Hurlburt.  Coit would eventually oversee the construction of the church building.

Trust but verify

On June 29, 1864, the site recommended was approved – there is, of course, a difference between “acceptance” here and “approval” there, but why did the meeting empower a committee to purchase an accepted lot?  The answer may lie in the land they actually bought …L2  It should also be noted that this account comes from histories presented in 1908L3 and 1915L4 – contemporary sources suggest that the final site wasn’t settled just yet.

Put into context

The site recommended at this meeting is the present site of the church.  At this point in time, Huntington Street did not exist – it would be created after construction began.

Questions to pose

The fundraising in question would involve raising $100,000, or over $1.7 million in 2021 dollars.  This is why Roland Mather’s attendance on February 6 was significant, but he doesn’t really get mentioned until later in the church’s development.  What was his role during this point in the church’s formation?


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