Early reporting on the new Congregational church

02/12/1864 |


The Courant reported that a new Congregational church was being considered for Asylum Hill. According to the article, a meeting had been held a “a few evenings since,” and at that meeting a committee was appointed to select a suitable site and to purchase the land at that site.

Neat little tidbit

The Courant also encouraged “holders of real estate on Asylum Hill to give the committee their prices.”  How thoughtful of them!

Trust but verify

This article represents the earliest report of a meeting of men interested in organizing a new Congregational church on Asylum Hill, and it doesn’t exactly clear up the timeline – “a few evenings since” really only means that the meeting in question was held before February 12, and not by many days at that.  In all likelihood, the meeting mentioned here was the one on February 6, not the one held on February 3, which means that any action on the site was not taken until February 6, but so far the only sources for these meetings are later articles on the history of the church. 

Put into context

The February 6, 1864 meeting certainly and the February 3, 1864 meeting probably discussed specific locations in Asylum Hill, but those possible sites were not made public at this point.  All the Courant knew was that a new church would be placed at a site in the neighborhood.

Questions to pose

Who was the source of the Courant’s information on this one?


Unattributed, “Untitled,” Hartford Daily Courant, February 12, 1864, page 2.

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