John Voorhees Visited by Fellow Pastor from Manchester, CT

06/20/1918 |


Charles Hesselgrave, pastor at the Manchester Center Congregational Church, visited John Voorhees and then addressed a letter to Juliana Voorhees on her husband’s condition. The Courant re-printed this letter on July 15.

Neat little tidbit

Hesselgrave referred to World War I as a “great struggle for a Christian ideal of civilization.”

Put Into context

Hesselgrave felt several conflicting emotions today as he visited Voorhees and as he wrote to Voorhees’s wife.  On the one hand, he obviously felt guilty because he had encouraged Voorhees to come out to that part of the front near where Hesselgrave was working, but on the other hand he was proud of the “willing Christian sacrifice” that Voorhees had made.  Interestingly, Hesselgrave admitted that he had encouraged Voorhees to come to where he was for practical and for personal reasons, and one of Hesselgrave’s biggest regrets, now that he was assured of Voorhees’s recovery, was that he was going to lose Voorhees’s service and companionship, as Voorhees would be sent home post-recovery.


Unattributed, “How Dr. Voorhees Got His Wound,” Hartford Courant, July 15, 1918, page 3.

John Voorhees


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