Maria Metcalf began a survey to demonstrate interest in a Sunday school on Asylum Hill

10/29/1860 |


Maria Metcalf began a survey of all residents of the neighborhood in order to determine the level of interest in a new Sunday school. 


The date is the day after the annual meeting of the City Missionary Society, so this is the earliest that Metcalf could have begun her survey. 


The Kelloggs were important figures in the formation of Asylum Hill Congregational Church.  Joseph Kellogg attended the first meetings at the American Asylum on February 3 and February 6, 1864, and it could well be that his wife’s efforts with Marie Metcalf encouraged him to get involved.  I’m still looking for Mrs. Kellogg’s name.


The annual meeting in question took place on October 28, 1860.


The first Sunday school classes were held on November 4, 1860.


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Asylum Hill Congregational Church


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