The Wallace Stevens Walk

Status: Upcoming

Tour Details

Organized by the Friends and Enemies of Wallace Stevens, this tour celebrates the life and work of Wallace Stevens and hopes to encourage people to become more aware of his presence in Hartford's art and business communities. The walk extends beyond Asylum Hill, but here we're only covering the part of the tour that's on the Hill.

Tour Guide

The tour is led by Jim Finnegan of the Friends & Enemies of Wallace Stevens, and he'll talk about Stevens's poetry, his career at The Hartford, and his presence in the Asylum Hill neighborhood. He will also highlight some of those granite markers you may have seen on the grounds of The Hartford and heading west from there along Asylum Ave.

Tour Stops

The Asylum Avenue Portion, Including Granite Stone Markers of the Wallace Stevens Walk
Stop #1: The Hartford, 690 Asylum Avenue. Steven's office was to the right of the dome as you look at the building, but unfortunately his office was around on the other side.
Stanza I: Located on The Hartford's property, just east of the crosswalk at the intersection of Asylum Avenue and Asylum Place.
Stanza II: Located on the property of the Asylum Hill Congregational Church, 814 Asylum Avenue, at the eastern edge of their property.
Stanza III:
Stanza IV: Hartford Federal Credit Union, 970 Asylum Avenue.
Stop #2: Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center, 1000 Asylum Avenue. Stevens was a patient at the hospital when he died.
Stanza V: Located in front of the Saint Francis Hospital sign.
Stanza VI:
Stanza VII:
Stop #3: The Park River, Asylum Avenue. The border between Asylum Hill, where Stevens worked, and the West End, where he lived.
The Farmington Avenue Portion
Stop #4: The Ambassador, 210 Farmington Avenue. Stevens lived here between 1917 and 1924, during which time he wrote most of the poems in Harmonium. He and his wife Elsie also lived here when their daughter Holly was born.
Stop #5: James T. Pratt Funeral Home and Chapel, 71 Farmington Avenue. Demolished as part of Aetna's expansion, the funeral home stood roughly at the driveway into Aetna's parking lot near Flower Street. Steven's funeral was held here.