How each page is structured

Every page for a person or place will have the sections described here -- but not every page will have every section.


A brief biographical or architectural sketch appears at the top of each page.


If I have them, they follow immediately after the introduction. Unless otherwise noted, I've taken all of the photos.

Buildings come with a footprint to show you the spot from which the photo was taken.


Information collected to present details on a particular subject. Just because they happened at one place or to one person doesn't mean they took place within in a compressed period of time, and topics seek to pull connected information together in a readily accessible manner.


Every person and every place is connected to numerous other people and places, and this section attempts to pull those connections together in one place.

Questions about

As I receive questions about a particular person or place, I'll post them in this section. I'll post them whether or not I can answer them!


Every so often I encounter differing accounts of a single event or even differing dates. This section will include all disputes about a particular person or place, and in the event I go with one account over another, here's where I'll let you know I did that.

In the research queue

So many rabbit holes, so little time! If I find something particularly interesting but haven't yet looked into, I'll include it here.


The bibliography for each person and place that has a page here.

The Chronicle

At the bottom of each page, there will be a timeline that covers every event or action I've found relating to that person or place. It's in reverse chronological order, and it draws directly from the chronicle for the whole neighborhood.

If I know generally when something happened, that information will be under a topic for the person or place.