The Asylum Hill Sabbath School open -- Definitely

07/13/1861 |

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The North Church Sabbath School and the Asylum Hill Sabbath School were scheduled to picnic together today at Gillett’s Grove.

Trust but Verify

The history of Asylum Hill Congregational Church puts the formation of the Asylum Hill Sabbath School as November 1860, but so far this is the earliest contemporary reference to the Sunday school that I’ve found.

Put into context

At this point in time, the Asylum Hill Sabbath School existed on its own, unaffiliated with any church, while the North Church Sabbath School was affiliated with the North Congregational Church, which had been Horace Bushnell’s church.  Four years later, the North Congregational Church would be the sole dissenting vote in the drive to form the Asylum Hill Congregational Church, while Bushnell, retired by this point from North Church, would take an active role in AHCC’s organizing efforts.

Questions to pose

When did the North Congregational Church decide to move from North Main Street the corner of Asylum and High Streets, effectively at the base of Asylum Hill?  And did they expect that they would serve the growing population on Asylum Hill?


Unattributed, “City Intelligence,” Hartford Daily Courant, July 12, 1861, page 2.

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